COVID-19: Thoughts on a Manic Monday

The markets continued the unprecedented volatility which we’ve all been experiencing for the past several weeks: Friday sent us into the weekend with a near 10% gain, and Monday took that gain away, and then a bit more. Tomorrow? Tomorrow will most likely see a continuation of emotional, and volatile down and up market movements.
So, what happened, today? 

Has the BandAid Been Ripped Off the Markets?

The Bull is Dead, Now What?     On Wednesday, the longest ever bull market came to a fast and furious end. It had quietly run for more than 11 years. But, markets and economies have always run in cycles, and all cycles have ends, and at some point new beginnings.  As we acknowledge the current Bear Market there are steps to consider.

Intellect & Emotion. The Known & Unknowns

(The following blog post was taken directly from our recent client newsletter)  The world of financial wellness does not turn on a dime nor operate on a 30-day cycle – that’s why my clients and friends typically receive just quarterly updates from my pen.

Coronavirus Commentary (as of Feb 27 2020)

In a matter of just six days, fears surrounding the spread of the Coronavirus have taken markets from their recent record heights through a fast and furious fall.  As of today, 2/27/2020, the S&P 500, is heading toward its biggest weekly loss since the financial crisis of 2008.

Investing Wish List: Really Naughty or Kind of Nice?

There is nothing like a good list to lift one’s spirits.

Some Last Minute Financial Tips

While shoppers attack the malls in hopes of saving a bundle on those must have items, some simple year-end financial moves might just pad your wallet in even bigger ways.  So, think like a shopper and make a mad dash for the Planning Aisle.

There's More to Charitable Giving Than Dollars and Cents

There is so much more to giving than simple dollars and cents."  That statement might feel a bit contrary in this season of mailboxes filled with donation requests, and In Box emails offering quick Click N'Give links.  The opportunities are heartfelt but seemingly endless. Many families do take the time to volunteer together in their communities.

Naked Retirement Part II: Practice Does Make Perfect

With apologies to Cubs fans, did you see the Nationals’ Ryan Zimmerman hit that 413 foot homerun to lead the Nationals to a World Series game one victory? It clearly wasn’t his first big league at bat. In fact, he was the Nationals first draft pick when the franchise began building a roster in 2005.

Naked Retirement Part I: Strip Away Dollars and Cents

uck-naked. That was the image burned into my retina when my partner first coined the phrase, naked retirement. Not the typical image one associates with retirement, but it was the image that stuck. Understand, though, this wasn’t an image of sandy beaches nor smoke-filled men’s clubs, this was the image from Hans Christian Anderson’s The Emperor’s New Clothes.

Potlucks and Portfolios Can Say A Lot About a Person

I try not to judge, especially not at a church potluck, but having recently gazed at my fellow Presbyterians’ plates, I’ll admit it was quite telling. I could tell the vegetarians from the meat-lovers, and the chocoholics from the cobbler connoisseurs.

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