July 2014

Family Financial Planning is No Picnic. Or is it?

The average family is financially dysfunctional. One spouse handles all the financial matters and the grown children have no idea of what mom or dad has planned. Disagree? Then answer this: who can seamlessly step in to pay your bills and manage your portfolio? Is someone in the wings to manage things for your parents when (not if) they can’t manage things on their own?  If both answers

Add a Little Fiscal and Physical Health with ETFs (exchange traded funds)

When exchanged-traded-funds (EFTs) were introduced in 1993, few expected this low-cost index investing idea to explode.  But 20 years, and $ 2.3 trillion later, it’s an idea that is here to stay. While many investors gravitate toward the core concept of a broad index (SPY was the first EFT accessing all 500 of the S&P 500 stocks), today’s investors are also interested in satellite strategies focusing on tactical sector investing.

Fiscal and Physical Health  One of the sectors we’re closing following is health care. With a shifting (ok, aging) demographic and a younger population keen on living longer, we see positive short- and long-term

Should I take Social Security at age 62?

When to start claiming Social Security benefits is one of the most important decisions facing retirees. It is one of those rare decisions that will literally impact the rest of your financial life, as well as the life of your spouse. So, taking the time to run the numbers and understand the costs, benefits and risks of your decision can have huge payoffs.

Healthy Living: Financial Risks or Financial Rewards?

Age 65: that was an American’s life expectancy when Social Security was in its infancy. Today, a 65 year-old female has a 50% chance of living to age 85. More astounding is the fact that a couple, in their 60’s, creates a 25% likelihood that one spouse will live to age 97. So, what’s your plan for generating 40 years of income after you retire? 

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