October 2019

Naked Retirement Part II: Practice Does Make Perfect

With apologies to Cubs fans, did you see the Nationals’ Ryan Zimmerman hit that 413 foot homerun to lead the Nationals to a World Series game one victory? It clearly wasn’t his first big league at bat. In fact, he was the Nationals first draft pick when the franchise began building a roster in 2005.

Naked Retirement Part I: Strip Away Dollars and Cents

uck-naked. That was the image burned into my retina when my partner first coined the phrase, naked retirement. Not the typical image one associates with retirement, but it was the image that stuck. Understand, though, this wasn’t an image of sandy beaches nor smoke-filled men’s clubs, this was the image from Hans Christian Anderson’s The Emperor’s New Clothes.

Potlucks and Portfolios Can Say A Lot About a Person

I try not to judge, especially not at a church potluck, but having recently gazed at my fellow Presbyterians’ plates, I’ll admit it was quite telling. I could tell the vegetarians from the meat-lovers, and the chocoholics from the cobbler connoisseurs.

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