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Slow Down that Rollover!! The IRS is watching.

Quick: What is the best thing to do with your 401k or pension?  Most folks would say “roll it over into an IRA.” But is a rollover really the BEST option?  Not so quick.  You have homework to do.

Retirement Gifts   If you’ve participated in a pension, profit sharing or 401k plan, Uncle Sam has given you a great retirement gift – an account filled with tax-deferred dollars. But, when you unwrap that gift and start

What's Better? A 401k or a Roth IRA

A 401k plan and a Roth IRA are slices of two different retirement pies: 401k plans are company sponsored retirement plans, while Roth IRAs are individual retirement plans. Which one is better, really depends on your personal situation. The key to your retirement success, however, is to pull up a chair to this retirement planning buffet and start immediately feasting on one, or both of these great plans.

Should I take Social Security at age 62?

When to start claiming Social Security benefits is one of the most important decisions facing retirees. It is one of those rare decisions that will literally impact the rest of your financial life, as well as the life of your spouse. So, taking the time to run the numbers and understand the costs, benefits and risks of your decision can have huge payoffs.

Healthy Living: Financial Risks or Financial Rewards?

Age 65: that was an American’s life expectancy when Social Security was in its infancy. Today, a 65 year-old female has a 50% chance of living to age 85. More astounding is the fact that a couple, in their 60’s, creates a 25% likelihood that one spouse will live to age 97. So, what’s your plan for generating 40 years of income after you retire? 

How Much of My IRA Should I Have in Stocks?

In years gone by, an individual simply subtracted his age from 100 to find the percentage of stocks to hold in his portfolio. It was an answer easily digested by someone in, or near retirement, and an answer that worked fairly well. But a lot has changed and easy answers aren’t always the right answer.

Retirement Income Rules: Easy Isn't Always Effective

Much has been written about the “4% Rule” for retirement withdrawals. Its a simple rule that says withdrawal 4% of an account during year one of retirement, increase the distribution annually by the rate of inflation, and
the portfolio should last 30 years.  I appreciate the rule’s simplicity, but it has no basis in the unique, dynamic economic realities faced in
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