What’s Your Legacy Going to Be?

What’s Your Legacy Going to Be?

If you read the magazines or surf the web, planning for retirement is all about the numbers: how much should I save, where should I invest, when should I take Social Security?  Just about any first year broker or online calculator can run those numbers. But have you ever thought about the kind of legacy you want to leave behind?

How Did Your Portfolio Perform? Well, What Did You Expect?

In a recent newspaper article, I introduced the idea that reviewing year-end investment statements needs to move beyond a simple look at performance. Sure, one could compare a personal portfolio return to the 2012 return on the S&P 500. But unless you were invested in those 500 stocks for the entire 365 days, the comparison wouldn’t be accurate.

Are you afraid to take profits in your portfolio?

It seems like a ridiculous question, but when was the last time you sold something in your portfolio? For the typical investor, “investing for the long-term” is the plea defense for portfolio inactivity. I’m not speaking of trading just to trade, or working with an advisor who churns just for commissions.

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