What is a Second Opinion Portfolio Report?

What if advice had no hidden agenda and recommendations had only your best interests in mind?  At OSBORN Wealth Management we’ve taken the if out of that question by creating our Second Opinion Portfolio Report.

What is a Second Opinion Portfolio Report? 

It’s simply an unbiased analysis of your current portfolio, punctuated with some actionable advice. Our only goal with the service is to help investors move forward with eyes wide open as to the assets they own, the risks they’re taking, and the fees they’re paying.

Who needs a Second Opinion? 

We think anyone who cares about their finances needs a Second Opinion. If doesn’t matter if you invest on your own or pay an adviser for guidance. A Second Opinion lets you confirm a perfect portfolio or understand exactly what ails your assets. It really helps you know where you stand and what, if anything, you need to change going forward.

So, what’s in a Second Opinion Report?

The report is a great combination of geeky analytics and plain English explanations. We’ll dig into your asset allocation to look at your mix of stocks and bonds. We’ll dig deeper to help you understand your exposure to large-caps and small-caps, international stocks and the world of bonds.

A Second Opinion is also designed to lay bare the fees associated with investing. Broker commissions, management fees, marketing charges, and trading costs, are just a few of the items that lower your returns. Whether the fees are high or low, investors need to understand every penny of those fees in order to balance the cost they pay for the service and value they receive.

A Second Opinion isn’t a “free review” followed, coincidentally, by a recommendation to buy some lovely commissioned investments. First of all, OSBORN Wealth Management is a fee-only advisory firm, so we don’t sell investments; we manage assets. We don’t collect commissions; we charge a fee for our services. And secondly, the cost for a Second Opinion is based on the amount of time and research required to prepare your personalized report. There is no charge for an initial consultation. That’s the time for us to learn about your situation, and for you learn more about our services. At the end of that initial meeting, we’ll understand exactly what you’d like to accomplish, and you’ll know the exact cost for us to prepare your Second Opinion Report.

It’s been said, that:

Great carpenters know to measure twice and cut once. Important health decisions are best made after seeking out another doctor’s advice. And as children, we’re taught to look twice before crossing the street. In fact, kids have been demanding second opinions since they could talk.  Whenever Dad said no, they ran off to ask Mom..    

OSBORN Wealth Management is a fee only advisory firm dedicated to providing conservative asset management, experienced retirement planning and unbiased financial advice. Blog posts are intended for informational and educational purposes, only, and are not an offer to sell. As individual's circumstances are always unique, please consult a professional before embarking on any changes to your investment, planning, tax or legal situation. For questions on this Blog post, or general inquiries about our professional advisory services, please give us a call at 219-362-8567 or email me at drummond@osbornwealthmanagement.com.

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