It’s All About the Plan

Naked Retirement Part II: Practice Does Make Perfect

With apologies to Cubs fans, did you see the Nationals’ Ryan Zimmerman hit that 413 foot homerun to lead the Nationals to a World Series game one victory? It clearly wasn’t his first big league at bat. In fact, he was the Nationals first draft pick when the franchise began building a roster in 2005.

Naked Retirement Part I: Strip Away Dollars and Cents

Buck-naked. That was the image burned into my retina when my partner first coined the phrase, naked retirement. Not the typical image one associates with retirement, but it was the image that stuck. Understand, though, this wasn’t an image of sandy beaches nor smoke-filled men’s clubs, this was the image from Hans Christian Anderson’s The Emperor’s New Clothes.

Potlucks and Portfolios Can Say A Lot About a Person

I try not to judge, especially not at a church potluck, but having recently gazed at my fellow Presbyterians’ plates, I’ll admit it was quite telling. I could tell the vegetarians from the meat-lovers, and the chocoholics from the cobbler connoisseurs.

Hurry! These Black Friday Financial Savings Won't Last Long

While shoppers attack the malls in hopes of saving a bundle on those must have items, some simple year-end financial moves might just pad your wallet in even bigger ways.  So, think like a shopper and make a mad dash for the Investment Aisle.

Buyer Beware:  Look carefully before grabbing year-end bargains on mutual funds or ETFs for your taxable accounts. Funds, such as these, are required

Family Financial Planning is No Picnic. Or is it?

The average family is financially dysfunctional. One spouse handles all the financial matters and the grown children have no idea of what mom or dad has planned. Disagree? Then answer this: who can seamlessly step in to pay your bills and manage your portfolio? Is someone in the wings to manage things for your parents when (not if) they can’t manage things on their own?  If both answers

Retirement Income Rules: Easy Isn't Always Effective

Much has been written about the “4% Rule” for retirement withdrawals. Its a simple rule that says withdrawal 4% of an account during year one of retirement, increase the distribution annually by the rate of inflation, and
the portfolio should last 30 years.  I appreciate the rule’s simplicity, but it has no basis in the unique, dynamic economic realities faced in

How Did Your Portfolio Perform? Well, What Did You Expect?

In a recent newspaper article, I introduced the idea that reviewing year-end investment statements needs to move beyond a simple look at performance. Sure, one could compare a personal portfolio return to the 2012 return on the S&P 500. But unless you were invested in those 500 stocks for the entire 365 days, the comparison wouldn’t be accurate.

Are you afraid to take profits in your portfolio?

It seems like a ridiculous question, but when was the last time you sold something in your portfolio? For the typical investor, “investing for the long-term” is the plea defense for portfolio inactivity. I’m not speaking of trading just to trade, or working with an advisor who churns just for commissions.

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